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What Does East Coast Storage Equipment Offer?

We offer solutions to storage and materials handling processes that result in more successful manufacturing and distribution operations.

For some, it means demonstrating how the retooling of storage vertically can transform a facility struggling with limited floor space. For others, it’s a conveyor system that makes picking faster and easier.

Our various material handling and storage system solutions help streamline your operation’s flow and make the most efficient and intelligent use of both your equipment and your human resources.

How Do We Improve Your Warehouse Operations?

Our storage solutions are all crafted through the perfect balance of equipment and design.

Whatever the application, we can recommend the right equipment to reduce wasted time and labor costs while improving productivity.

We begin by touring your operation and then make a recommendation to create a workflow via the right configuration of equipment to keep pace with even the busiest fulfillment schedule.

Whether you need to improve accessibility, handle a large volume of SKUs processing, or maximize the use of floor space, we help companies large and small improve their overall operations and bottom lines.

About East Coast Storage Equipment

Material handling is part of our DNA.

Our story actually began when company founder John Geddes was introduced to the industry by his Uncle Rich and started installing pallet racks.

John quickly learned the ins and outs of creating and installing effective, efficient storage and materials handling systems. His expertise and business acumen lead to the opening of East Coast Storage Equipment Co. in 1994, when the company first began to offer used storage racks and industrial shelving.

The family business continues to thrive, with a corporate office in Brick, NJ, a warehouse facility in Browns Mills, NJ, and a second generation of family members now holding leadership roles.

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