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We discuss various introductory pallet racking topics to help you become better informed when making decisions relating to racking in your warehouse or DC.

Must Read Articles About Pallet Rack Basics:

Pallet Rack Basics: Upright Frame Components

Interested in learning about the equipment you rely on? Here we discuss the components that make up an upright frame...
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How to Measure Pallet Rack

Our March blog post discussed what to measure when configuring pallet rack. We heard from many of you telling us...
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Should Your Pallet Racks Be Bolted to the Floor?

Is it necessary to bolt pallet racks to the floor slab? The common sense in me is screaming...
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Understanding the Basics of Pallet Rack Capacity

Safety and efficiency. Both are guiding principles for a smooth-running warehouse. These two terms cover every...
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Pallet Rack Basics: Wire Decking vs. Pallet Supports

Pallet supports. No, wire decking. No, pallet supports. There is an argument in the industry that comes up now and again about which is better...
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Pallet Rack Basics: Structural vs. Roll-Formed Steel

Two companies invest in pallet racking for their respective warehouses. Company A chooses structural steel pallet rack. Company B opts for the roll formed pallet rack. Why?...
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Pallet Racks

Find the Pallet Racks That Are Right for You

Long a familiar sight in the warehouse and distribution center, pallets – and the pallet racks that hold them – are getting wider use, even serving as retail shelves in big-box stores like Costco.
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