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Equipment Liquidation

There is a time and place for on-the-job learning. However, when it comes to warehouse equipment liquidations, you want a team that knows what to do. East Coast Storage Equipment has years of knowledge and successful experience doing liquidations. Our vast network within the industry means word of your liquidation gets to the right people quickly.

Companies come to us because we know the right way to liquidate equipment and we know the equipment. It’s our specialty. We know pallet racking, mezzanines along with conveyor systems and just about any other piece of material handling equipment.

At East Coast Storage, you choose what you need. We offer dismantling/teardown services along with the valuation and selling of all assets. Additionally, you have a proven source to handle the requirements of any size warehouse or distribution center.

Our process in most cases includes these general steps:

  1. Get the right information. This includes (but not limited to):
    1. Content of your facility including past or present inventory lists
    2. Deadlines required for removal of the equipment
  2. On-site tour of the facility’s equipment. This is often necessary to:
    1. Inspect
    2. Catalog
    3. Photograph
  3. Provide a value on all equipment being liquidated
  4. Serve as a partner, providing guidance to create an equipment dismantling schedule (assuming this is not already completed)
  5. Share our results. Discuss and reach an agreement on terms
  6. Dismantle, promote to industry network, sell and remove all equipment


Choose East Coast Storage Equipment to liquidate your warehouse or distribution center!

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