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Facility Design and Layout

These are the symptoms:

  • Tight floor space
  • Generic equipment for specific products
  • Inconsistent order fulfillment
  • High cost of operation

Remember the saying, form follows function? East Coast Storage Equipment uses this axiom to deliver warehouse designs that maximize productivity while lowering cost. Our team of licensed structural and architectural engineers take ownership of every aspect of the design and layout of your company’s facility. We start with CAD drawings showing the layout of your storage and material handling equipment. These drawings reveal a floorplan tailored to your specific requirements which may include accessibility, product flow and maximized storage.

Architects then design an egress plan for your storage rack and mezzanine projects. This also includes analyzing your fire suppression requirements. We make sure that your facility’s floorplan meets code and safety rules on drawings and upon the project’s completion.

A structural engineer calculates all structures supporting every type of load. Our goal is ensuring seismic criteria for your location and its product load capacity meet eligibility requirements. Upon satisfactory completion, these stamped drawings accompany your permit application for filing and approval.

Finally, our years of material handling equipment experience provide customers with a partner who not only knows the equipment, but also how each industry uses it. We make sure existing equipment helps achieve improved productivity; and if it doesn’t, suggest options that will.

The result is a warehouse ready to operate at peak order fulfillment efficiency, maximum floor space and manageable operating costs. Ready to get started?

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