Used Rack-Supported Mezzanines

Used rack-supported mezzanines – get more for less

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Our used rack-supported mezzanines typically utilize pallet racking frames for support instead of traditional mezzanine columns. The exception to that would be if the mezzanine floor needs to support a higher weight capacity – then it would be reinforced with mezzanine columns. Rack-supported mezzanines are a very cost effective way to add another floor level using your existing pallet rack system. In addition to being cost efficient, you’re also maximizing your cube space below the mezzanine.

Like all mezzanine structures, there are many different decking options that can be used with a rack-supported mezzanine – it really depends on the mezzanine application.

We do acquire used rack-supported mezzanines and stock them, but normally we construct from used rack that we have in stock and combine that with used mezzanine components and fabricate a customized solution for your warehouse.

When it comes to mezzanines, and a lot of our used products, it’s not so much about selling you our stock, but about providing you a customized solution that’s tailored for your facility and operation.

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